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About Us

Why we do what we do

We are more than proud of our team, our customers and the variety of fascinating projects that we are working on together. What makes us so passionate about what we do?

We Are Open For Opportunities!
Are you a company in the recycling industry facing a particular problem in separating waste? HuMeij Windshifters is always open for new challenges.

Why Choose Us

Get the expertise and service quality that you deserve

We only want the very best for you. That is why our Windshifters are your perfect choice. You will be able to work with this machine for many years without facing any problem. On top of that, the HuMeij team is accessible, flexible, quality-driven and thoroughly experienced in the recycling industry. Our solutions are sustainable, user-friendly and cost-effective.

Unique user-friendly technologies

HuMeij stands for services that are feasible and extremely user-friendly. We design our Windshifters in a way that they are controllable from one side only.


After purchasing a HuMeij Windshifter you are set for many years. Our machines are standardized to such an extent that they have a limited number of parts and provide for easy maintenance.

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