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Film Extraction Point

Forms a great addition to your condition-controlled sorting areas where it manually sorts lights

Film Extraction Point


The HuMeij Film Extraction Point (FEP) is suitable for separating packaging material for indoor applications. The machine is delivered in efficient sub-assemblies for easy shipment and handling.

Details of the FEP:

  • Manual separation of light materials to the Film Extraction Point
  • Provides for new or retrofit and has great flexibility in positioning drop zone lights
  • The extracted light materials will be transported through ducting to the Mechanical Film Separator (MFS)
  • Bleed air 10%-20% to open air or to a filter and brings 80%-90% back to the FEP
  • Multiple FEP on a single MFS and fan
  • Shipment per tilt trailer or 40’ HC containers

Overview Film Extraction Point

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