Flex Windshifter Pull

Splits packaging materials in two fractions and is suitable for extracting film and fiber

Flex Windshifter Pull


Our Flex Windshifter Pull (FWP) is your all-round air classifier for indoor applications. The machine is delivered in efficient sub-assemblies for easy shipment and handling.

Details of the FWP:

  • Available in nett width until 2400 mm of the infeed conveyor
  • Capacity lights go up from 3,5 t/hour
  • 100% pull airflow
  • The bleed air coming from the negative pull process is 100% forwarded to a dedicated filter
  • Provides for new or retrofit and has great flexibility in positioning drop zone lights
  • The Flex Windshifter will be fitted on dedicated conveyor
  • The lights will be transported through ducts into the Mechanical Film Separator (MFS)
  • Disposes of a standard filter is including cleaning by regenerating fans and manual slide valves for discharge of dust
  • Rotary valve is available on the filter for discharge of dust
  • Shipment per tilt trailer or 40’ HC containers

Overview Flex Windshifter Pull

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