Advanced Windshifter Assembled

Splits materials in two fractions and facilitates in all types of waste treatments

Advanced Windshifter Assembled


Our Advanced Windshifter Assembled (AWA) is your all-round air classifier for in- and outdoor applications. The standard scope is plug and play.  

Details of the AWA:

  • Available in nett width 550 until 950 mm of the infeed conveyor (increments of 200 mm)
  • Handling material sizes up to 250 mm
  • Capacity goes up to 100 m3/hour
  • Adjustable pull-push circulated airflow
  • Infeed conveyor is 250 mm moveable towards trommel, and is just like the valve easy adjustable without any tools
  • The dedicated filter has a pre-separation chamber cleaning by a rotational motor and discharge of dust in plastic bags
  • Disposes of an integrated particle buffer in blow channel
  • Infeed and discharge conveyor can be reinforced if desired
  • Can be reinforced for abrasive applications
  • Standard scope is plug & play, but the filter, controls and legs can be excluded
  • Shipment per tilt trailer or 40’ HC containers

Overview Advanced Windshifter Assembled

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